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Tongass Transition Collaborative

Local leaders asked Meridian Institute to establish a new multi-stakeholder coalition, the Tongass Transition Collaborative (TTC), to ensure citizen involvement in implementation of the TAC recommendations, especially those related to implementation and monitoring of the transition. The TTC is made up of a diverse set of actors across Southeast Alaska, including many who participated in the TAC process and some who did not.

Following a series of convenings to develop the goals and vision for the TTC, they developed a transition scorecard, which tracks progress towards successful implementation of the TAC recommendations and which the group updates regularly.

The TTC continues to serve as an important platform for community involvement and conflict mitigation in natural resource management, which is all the more important due to the importance of these natural resources to support the lives and livelihoods of Southeast Alaskans.

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TTC Work Groups

Work Groups are convening to develop strategies for how to improve young growth management and implementation. Learn more about TTC Work Groups.

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