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Since 2014, Meridian Institute has supported and facilitated the Tongass Advisory Committee, the Tongass Transition Collaborative, and the Roadless Rule Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Meridian is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization that has helped our clients and partners develop and implement solutions to complicated, often controversial problems for over two decades.

We do this with an innovative approach that brings together three elements: our deep understanding of the issues at hand, as well as the people, politics, and power dynamics that surround them; our dedicated, expert team; and our ability to foster constructive discussions, manage decisions, and support actions that shape the world for the better. We worked to come to meaningful consensus among diverse groups in the Tongass, as well as building our partners’ capacity for cooperation to continue the hard work of managing land with multiple uses in mind for years to come.

Please contact Connie Lewis (, Tori Anderson (, or Emily Bruyn ( with questions or for additional information.

Meridian Institute

Learn more about Meridian’s projects and services at our website, including our case study on the Tongass Advisory Committee.