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Deer Story - The Staney Watershed on Prince of Wales Island

This presentation (Todd Brinkman, University of Alaska Fairbanks and Michael Kampnich, The Nature Conservancy) is a research-based story on the interactions among commercial logging, forest succession, Sitka black-tailed deer densities, and hunting opportunities. The story focuses on the Staney watershed on Prince of Wales Island as a case study and walks the audience through 70 years of forest and deer population change. We also discuss how deer populations may be responding to young-growth management strategies, such as pre-commercial thinning. The presentation was originally prepared for the 2022 Deer Summit on Prince of Wales to improve understanding of these dynamics and to drive conversations around land management.

Social and Economic Monitoring of the Tongass Transition

This monitoring project represents a plan to track social and economic conditions in Southeast Alaska, before, during, and after the timber transition to young growth. Read more to learn about baseline conditions in the region.

An Opportunity to End the Timber Wars: How Collaboration in Southeast Alaska Has Helped to Dissipate Conflict

Read more about how collaborative approaches to management in the Tongass, beginning with the Tongass Advisory Committee, have offered opportunities to overcome seemingly intractable conflict over resource management in the Humbolt Journal of Social Relations.

Landscape Scale Community Forest Partnerships

The Hoonah Native Forest Partnership (HFNP) represents a successful example of landscape-scale forest management. Thanks to NRCS funding, multistakeholder partners came together to develop a partnership that coupled community workforce development with an in-depth landscape scale assessment for improved forest management. Over five years, the partnership conducted detailed surveys and pre-commercial thinning efforts to assess future land management project and needs on the lands around Hoonah.

Read an assessment of lessons learned and best practices developed from the HNFP’s experience for other, future efforts here.

Young Growth Symposium Briefing Papers

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